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New York Travel Guide

  • Officially known as "The City of New York" in the new age shortened as NYC. To everyone's knowledge known as "World City", the city is full of unbounded energy and a perfect place for travelers to delve in fun. Have you ever wondered why NYC is called as "Global City"? If you put the meaning in simple worlds biggest companies, large economy, diverse in cultures and mainly it is a node or networking center for everything. Distinguished in nature from one another, but put together the five famed boroughs of NYC are – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

    Enter museum, galleries to get a dazzling view of collections and a trip into the world of history. Central Park situated in the thick of city is almost the size of a small island. The unspoiled nature even being the most populated city in America is greatly appreciated. Newyorkers fever for baseball matches are well known, they idolize their choice of team. The two teams Yankees and Mets rivalry is ongoing. With high ranking schools, institutions, Companies, a sort of space to pursue one's dreams, security for health and expensive city NYC has a lot to offer.  Book a ticket for yourself to visit this ideal city at best affordable price.
  • Many tourists think NYC is the capital of New York state, but what they don't know is NYC is not the capital but Albany. In contrast, even being the capital city Albany has only 1/80 the population of NYC. For a fleeting period, NYC is the capital of America. Popularly called by the mystic name "The Big Apple" and "Empire State",  its original name is "New Amsterdam". Chinese and Jewish favor to live here, their population in NYC is high compared to any other country. Millionaires are common here as 1 amid 21 New Yorkers is rich. Newyorkers are coffee freaks and have a history of biting, so better not to provoke them. Wall street maintains underground secret gold vaults, about 25% of worlds gold is safe here. There is also going be an Under ground park which comes into public use from 2018.  

    Any city will have crime rate and NYC is no different, but on November 28, 2012, surprisingly no case is filed. With snow 15 times higher than south pole, folks talking 800 languages, a skyscraper with no windows, building like Empire state having its own Zip code there is way more to know about NYC. 
  • 1.Central Park: This is the first choice most tourist and natives pick on a visit to NYC. It looks like a jungle surrounded by the concrete jungle and covers an area of 843 acres. Many films are shot here and a great venue for concerts. The park has sculptures donated by private people, some famous sculptures are Alice and Wonderland, sled dog and more. It has its own app giving you directions and details of the locations in the park.

    Another park close in propinquity is Bryant Park, a place for recreation and sport. 

    2.Statue of Liberty: First look at the Statue of Liberty, gives a feel that it liberates one's soul and freedom is within reach. It symbolizes friendship and freedom. A gift from France to America, the 7 spikes in the crown design signifies 7 continents and seas. One can enter the statue of liberty through the staircase, but a crown ticket is required and better book it early. Ferries are available to reach the place and don't forget to ask them to show the additional attractions around the statue.

    3.Ellis Island: Ellis Island is positioned on the same water body as Statue of liberty. It used to be an Immigrant inspection post. Tickets are required for visitation of the Immigrant Museum exhibits on various floors gives an idea of history.

    4.Empire State Building: Albeit being 35th tallest building in the world, aforetime for 40 years it used to be World's tallest building. 102 storeys in this skyscraper are occupied by all manner of global companies. Get a 360 degrees view of NYC through observatories in 86 and 102 floors. The aeryl observatory gives a view of the city and if you are lucky enough view the 5 states - New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts on a clear day.

    5.Brooklyn Bridge: Travel between two boroughs Manhattan and Brooklyn when connected by Brooklyn bridge, it took 14 years to come into shape. 21 elephants are led by Barnum to prove the bridge is strong and stable. You can get a mesmerizing view of Big Apple. At night when the lights are lit, it gives a romantic feel for onlookers.

    6.New York Public Library: The large chandeliers hanging down, art on ceilings and books the NYPC has not limited its legacy to books, but well above. At least try to visit it once.

    NYC has a good deal more to offer, but difficult to discuss everything in a small column. So what we suggest is explore more to enjoy more. 

  • Life may feel standstill at night in your city, but here up in New York City, you can hear sounds blaring all the night. A steady stream of people visiting bars lounges, bars, discos, and trying cuisines can easily be noticed. The endless number springing in and out of cabs makes you gaze at the people, thinking the rush and crush for a drink at night.

    "The Heights" acting upon its name provides a view of Empire state building with a variety of drinks and food. Black Flamingo is to drink and dance, Drexler’s for amicable atmosphere, Jazz-Blue Note for music lovers, The Campbell a lair to have personal space etc.,

    Capitally known breweries in NYC are Brooklyn Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Finback Breweryetc., are few well-endowed breweries. Other than bars and lounges get to know the depth of the city by going for a stage drama at Broadway that leaves you fixed on the ongoing action. If you are in NYC during Fall never miss Queens International Night Market, it adds a star to the nightlife of NYC novelty and fun lovers drop at Staten Island Museum on a warm summer night.
  • Food it is basic and who doesn't love to have some yummy food in their stomach? You can taste some tantalizing food in NYC at right spots. Pizzas, Hotdogs, Bagels, Chicken Sandwiches, and Cheesecakes are most celebrated food items in NYC. Pizza in Grimaldi's is cooked in coal oven that heightens your senses and taste of pizza. Parmesan cheese, fresh mozzarella pizzas, and classic pies are top in Di Fara's. Absolute Bagels and Doughnut Plant offers blueberry, sun-dried tomato, tres leches, chocolate blackout with toppings. Unforgettable taste of Hot dogs in Gray’s Papaya. Desiring a dessert at the end, then eat at NYC remarkable Chesscake either in Two Little Red Hens or Juniors.

    Many have an opinion that Vegans cannot survive in NYC. Sorry to bust this myth, but NYC offers the best vegan food and even there are some famous restaurants offering only green food for you. Well seasoned plant food presented in an artful way by  Avant Garden, their best dishes are potato cannelloni, merguez-spiced eggplant spread on arugula pesto etc., combined with their choice of drink. Pure Food and Wine serves intercontinental food, where the food is never over cooked because they mostly don't cook. The appreciated food list is lasagna,  haricots verts, Thai lettuce wraps etc., Organic green food fair in Blossom is to be never missed. Taïm, Screamer's, Candle 79, Hangawi restaurants invite puts a smile on the face of vegans with their warm welcome. 

    The mobile food courts and street vendors may surprise, try a little dare if tempted. 

  • Delineating of fun differ from person to person. Some enjoy Concerts, monthly events, Art festivals, food festivals organized in NYC, whereas others invest in nature. NYC is swarmed with people during summer. The barbeques with family and Fireworks make the sky look bright in dark on July 4. Brooklyn showcases Hip-Hop culture on Hip-Hop Festival.

    Music fans enjoy and clamor in Governors Ball. Catch the highlights of Fall for Dance Festival, which goes on for 12 days. Free movies broadcasted in  Bryant Park is a custom in NYC. Scour the shopping malls and Time square, don't pass over taking a photo.

  • For travelers, NYC is a safe haven, but to be foresighted and knowing your way around helps one to navigate easily. Get yourself a CityPASS to get a glance at the prime attractions in NYC. MetroCard to travel in buses and subways with different options for you to select. And don't bend these cards. Better to have a pair of gloves and sanitizer if you want to travel in subways. Newyorkers prefer their feet than vehicles. If you like to walk navigate easily with google maps or guide. Don't stop abruptly while walking, to make a stop and think, move to your right. Based on the time you visit, select your clothes accordingly and don't forget to add comfortable shoes on the list.

    Don't try mediocre food in cheap or theme restaurants,some of the restaurants in NYC offer good food at reasonable prices. If you have a dinner with your loved ones better to book in the restaurant afore. Never take selfies at 9/11 Memorial, it is considered as disrespect. Don't drive if it is your first visit to NYC. Carry a copy of passport and ID. Carry either Universal or well-recognised debit and credit cards if you want to go on a shopping spree. In the end, make a plan before you want to make a tour in the city.

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