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Dubai Travel Guide

  • The Seven Emirates unitedly called as the United Arab Emirates. The second largest and most populous is Emirate of Dubai, it has two sides “Deira side” and “Dubai side” they are divided by a creek. Emirate of Dubai has its capital city named on it, otherwise known as "Dubai side". There are leaders who formed these Emirates, and each emirate has an "Emir". The Emir here is like a king but have another version of the name. Wonder constructions and the engineering strategy elected to bring them out is venerated. 

    Having said it is an Islamic state, one can easily see people from different countries and religions opted well to this region. The economy is not only dependent on Oil deposits and Tourism, but trendy ideas and major investments in IT contribute a lot to the growth of Dubai. The elite and common people can enjoy their holiday with careful planning and bookings, we guide you in choosing your options through our website.
  • From emerging as one of the worlds most visited tourist spot to having a fast-paced economy, it has many other interesting facts. The shocking thing about Dubai is, it has veritably 0% crime rate. Top of everything police here are provided with world-famous cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ashton Martin, etc. If one wants to reach a location in Dubai one either should show it on a map or inform about famous building, a place near to the destination.It is a male-dominated world, literally, the word of men is considered in high regard than women.

    There is no need to pay tax in Dubai and the jobs are well-paid, but the hitch is debt tolerance is null. If one doesn't pay debts on time, they will be in jail or will be deported.Tagged as "City of Gold" the souk contains 10 tons of gold at any time in the year.It is rare to meet a local Emirati, mostly because they keep to themselves and numbers show one Emirati among six people in Dubai. The ratio of men and women is 7:3. Amazing to hear that one can buy almost everything from vending machines, for example, gold, laptops, tablets, etc., Division in class is large the immigrant worker's passports are taken, till they pay the ticket costs they are not returned. This kind of culture is very much frowned upon by many organizations and 50% of immigrants live here.
  • 1.Dubai Museum: Al Fahidi Fort, which once used to be the residence of the local rulers protecting the city from pirates, now protects the history of Dubai. It is one of the oldest building still standing, it is a proof of the cycle from past to present.The Bedouin lifestyle, Emirates living dependent on fishing and plunges for pearl, oil discovery and gallery covering the architecture of mosques, houses, souks, etc., are present in the exhibit.

    2.Burj Khalifa: Right now it is the Worlds tallest building by measuring 828 meters.One cannot even step a foot in it without the entrance fee.With an observation deck on the 124th floor, 900 residences for private people, restaurants, malls, etc., except for universe anything is available in Burj Khalifa.

    Burj Al Arab is inspired by the ark of the sail in the ship. It is known and cream of the society enjoys its opulence. The Dubai Fountain is set in the background of Burj Khalifa and water show steals one's heart. 

    3.The Dubai Mall: Skate on the ice, a dive with the marine life, drive like a pro, shopping and pamper oneself in a spa, if want to have all these things in one place then the destination is The Dubai Mall. 

    4.Palm Jumeirah: Artificial Island built in the shape of a palm tree is full of elite, private residences, private beaches, and world-class hotels. 

    5.Jumeirah Mosque: Open to non-Muslims an hour guided tour is given, dress appropriately.
  • Dusk in the Dubai spills a new light on the beauty of the desert. When the chilling breeze touches the skin on the night out in desert brings goosebumps. They are two faces for Dubai when darkness fall it is either socializing at night in the elite background or knowing and sharing a fire with nomads under the starlit sky.

    The weekend holidays in Dubai stumbles on Friday and Saturday. Generally, the club life is full of zest on end days. The flow of free drinks for ladies is usual in some clubs. Choose a cab instead of self-driving if you are drunk.
  • In Dubai, whether you eat in a hotel, restaurant, beach or along roadside it does not matter because the food is magnificent at most of the places. They maintain a great hygiene and cleanliness during preparing and serving the food. If you want to taste Thai, Japanese or any kind of other international foods is presented in front of within minutes of your order. 

    To devour eateries the best localities are Dragonfly by Tim Raue for Asian food, Al Mallah for Lebanese, Hakkasan for Chinese flavors, etc.

  • 1.Camel racing: Camels replace horses on the race tracks in Dubai. Instead of human riders, robotic jockeys replace humans. Before robotic jockeys, children are used as jockeys and the possibility of children trafficking is more.So nowadays they use robotic jockeys which are funny to view.If tourists have a personal car, they are allowed to capture the race. The timings of races may change and most races start early in the morning. So if one wants to watch the race, better to start early.

    2.Skydiving: Standing on the edge at 13,000 feet altitude getting ready to dives makes heart miss a beat but when one gets a glimpse of the view below, diving is the ultimate goal. Skydiving is an endeavor for people who like to dare and being one to dare then try skydiving experience in Dubai. Follow the instructions. The drop zone is above Palm Jumeirah. Book early, so that later not to get disappointed.

    3.Diving: Dubai Aquarium has jumbo water tank filled with millions of liters of water paying homage for 140 species of marine life is situated on the third floor of Dubai Mall. Snorkeling, Boating, undaunted people dive to explore the waters with an oxygen tank.

    A dive in Arabian Gulf is another marvelous experience.

    4.Falconry: Either be an onlooker or partake in the falconry under the counsel of trainers. The number of participants increases every year to take part in Falconry championship Fazza. Watch how the majestic Falcons snare there food soaring the skies.

    5.Adventures in Desert: Desert safari, riding on the dunes in quad bikes or dune buggies, Mountain climbing satisfies one's thirst for adventure.

  • The people in the Middle East, especially ladies dress conservatively. But the dressing code in Dubai is more liberal, compared to the other middle east regions. Long sleeved or half shouldered shirts, loose pants are better choice outside resorts and hotels. Even men should not roam without shirts and shorts. Shorts for men are allowed only at appropriate places. And PDA is not appreciated in Dubai if a complaint is lodged on one's dressing style or affection display, action will be immediately taken by authorities.

    Metro is really cheap in Dubai and even the fare for the taxi is reasonable, so one can choose the choice of transportation. Albeit consumption of alcohol is allowed, being over drunk and driving while drunk lands you in serious legal soup. Women are held in high regard, don't take their pics without permission. Better to clarifies afore taking the shots of historic, public, government and religious places. It will be not aesthetically pleasing if you eat and drink in front of people during Ramadan. 

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